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January 10th 2022

"Such an excellent, slow-burning pleasure. I've never read anything like it, and I relished the story, bow to stern"

- The Editor

At the height of the cold war, beneath the waves of a cold Baltic Sea, a young Swedish submarine sailor makes a critical decision. One that puts them all in harm's way. As the submarine then fails to report on time, the issue quickly escalates through the military and the government ranks.

The disappearance is linked to the sighting of a foreign vessel, and while the government is quick to appoint blame, Admiral Klas Nylund struggles to find the truth about his missing boat. Seeking outside help, Nylund finds himself in a race with his own Navy, military intelligence, and the Swedish government's political priorities.

Unbroken Silence, a work of fiction based at the height of the cold war, rests on facts and existing theories about what actually happened in the murky waters of the Swedish archipelago in the 1980s. A riddle unsolved to this day woven together by that former member of the Swedish submarine force.

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Henrik Ekstrom is a Swedish/Swiss/Australian author residing in Sydney. His late 1990’s military service was spent as a sonar operator on board then brand new Swedish A19, Gotland-class attack submarines. The same submarine that later successfully attacked the USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier while running exercises in the Pacific Ocean. A long interest in the clearly complicated issues of the underwater territorial breaches allegedly occurring in the 1980s followed him through his career from Sweden to Switzerland to Australia before culminating in “Unbroken Silence”.

RIGHT: The author in the torpedo compartment of HMS Gotland in 1998

Photo: Ola Melin

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